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Our company, always following the new trends, constructs and trades environmental friendly products, such as frame systems, roller shutters, insect screens e.t.c. using -in a larger proportion- recyclable materials, due to energy saving. In order to heat or cool a Greek house, the 70% of its total energy consumption is demanded.

Frame systems are a crucial factor in the quantity of everyday's energy consumption, in order to ensure the desirable living conditions in houses and buildings.

Doors and windows are responsible in a high percentage for heat leakage during the winter from an interior space. On the other hand, during the summer heat insertion from the external environment is allowed.

In order to correct any alteration in the desirable interior temperature, we consume energy through the usage of radiators or air conditioning.

This consumption can be reduced if an individual replaces his/her old frame systems with respectively frame aluminium ones that can provide heat and sound insulation.

The advantages of frame aluminium systems, except the energy saving that give, are more than enough.

The new AVATON innovative systems

Having spent the last decade studying the technology behind high view aluminum systems, modern design requirements and focusing in particular on the technology drawbacks that these systems have demonstrated until today, we made a real breakthrough with the AVATON systems. Incorporating the slimmest frame possible it allows the blending and unification of inner and outer space. Totally recessed rails and sash profiles guarantee maximum clear view.

It was our goal to make a system that could be effortlessly installed to both existing & new buildings. Therefore by design we greatly eliminated the installation prerequisites.

The unique design of the systems with even triple glazing capability of Ug=0.5 guarantees the lowest possible Uw value with spectacular energy efficiency result.

About us

Ecologic.al Frame Technologies company specializes in Aluminium Systems having a 20 year old experience in the construction and retail market. Our goal is to provide innovative systems that contribute to energy saving.

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Latest News


Exclusive Distribution

Historic exclusive distribution agreement of AVATON's pioneering minimal frame systems in Greece.


Patent award

Awarded Patent diploma from the Industrial Property Organization for the Innovation of AVATON Systems


new showroom

New Showroom for the innovative AVATON systems at 51 Vouliagmenis Ave., Glyfada.


ift rosenheim

German certifications of the IFT Rosenheim European Institute for AVATON systems.


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