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Saving Energy with New Frame Systems

The aim of frame systems is to allow both air and light insertion into interior spaces. Although temperature exchange with the external environment is sometimes desirable, frame systems can constitute a serious reason of heat leakage if they have not been constructed and insulated properly. Even if a building’s frame system is sufficiently insulated, heat can be lost through frames or glass screens and allow cool air to insert through gaps.

Therefore, it is crucial to improve windows’ air permeability and reduce thermal leakage through glass screens and frames. This does not mean that houses have to be air tight, as insufficient ventilation can cause humidity issues. The most important intervention at a building’s frame system regards the replacement of its older windows with new that have double glass screens. The gap between these two glass screens offers sufficient insulation, while optional metal coatings on glass screen surfaces or argon gas into the gap give even better insulation. The use of double screen or low-e glasses is ideal for territories with temperate climate. Respectively frame systems are made by aluminium, PVC or wood.

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Energy Saving

  • Energy consumption for heating or cooling and the production of warm water in buildings contribute the 40% of the total energy consumption in the E.U.
  • Using nowadays material and technologies, in combination with the right use of electrical appliances , can diminish the energy consumption of a house up to 40%-50%, improving both living conditions and energy consumption expenses.
  • An indequately insulated building has increased heating and cooling expenses. Thus, it is crucial to abridge heat leakage, using the suitable insulation. Heating or cooling cost does not only depend on the building's volume, the climate in the area that is located and the desirable interior temperature, but also on the heat leakage through its walls, roofs and floors.


Changing your old frame systems, you can achieve:

Ιnsulation and energy saving

The replacement of a non-thermal break system with an insulating one has spectacular affection at energy saving. A thermal break system contributes to the reduction of air-conditioning usage. Results are more effective if reflective glass screens are being used with low absorption, along with argon gas within glass screens’ gap.

Acoustic performance

Modern technologies on waterproof with central and perimetric tires, along with double glass screens give the ability to prevent sound to insert from the external environment to the interior space and the opposite. In today’s urban spaces, acoustic performance constitutes a crucial factor in relation with our life quality.

Space aesthetic

Modern aluminium systems are available in a variety of functions, oval or straight and in different sizes, small or big. In addition, potentiality of different colours and hues, as well as the combination of two colours together respond to all architectural trends and create an ideal working or living space.


Modern sliding security systems can ensure the ability of high security, in order to prevent burglaries.

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Ecologic.al Frame Technologies company specializes in Aluminium Systems having a 20 year old experience in the construction and retail market. Our goal is to provide innovative systems that contribute to energy saving.

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