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We strongly believe in differentiation, which aims to functionality!!!

Dormers, screens, wing profiles and patios can highlight a space and also contribute effectively its functional needs.

Indicative applications:

  • Facade with dormer and external wing profiles
  • Wing profiles for easy space unification or separation.
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    Space expansion

    With the addition of a pergola system, the interior and uses are expanded and the exterior space is fully upgraded and reclaimed.

    Shading adjustment

    Full control over lighting and shading conditions, with the use of electric motors and wireless operation.


    The wide variety of system types, fixed or movable, guarantees the complete satisfaction of your needs.

    • TYPES

      • Metal construction with fixed or movable blinds.
      • Retractable and overlapping roof pergola. A robust aluminum alloy construction of high quality and aesthetics, with aluminum panels and insulation capability.
      • Retractable roof pergola with cloth, made entirely of aluminum, while the motor that moves the shaft is recessed into it without any additional accessories.

      Full freedom of choice for Ral color and special coatings for greater durability and weathering.

      We ensure the quality of construction in terms of robustness, functionality, high aesthetics and safety of the finished product according to the requirements of our associates.
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    Retractable roof pergola with cloth

    Retractable roof pergola with cloth

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    Retractable roof pergola with aluminium panels

    Retractable roof pergola with panels

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    External aluminium blinds

    External aluminium blinds

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    About us

    Ecologic.al Frame Technologies company specializes in Aluminium Systems having a 20 year old experience in the construction and retail market. Our goal is to provide innovative systems that contribute to energy saving.

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    Latest News


    Exclusive Distribution

    Historic exclusive distribution agreement of AVATON's pioneering minimal frame systems in Greece.


    Patent award

    Awarded Patent diploma from the Industrial Property Organization for the Innovation of AVATON Systems


    new showroom

    New Showroom for the innovative AVATON systems at 51 Vouliagmenis Ave., Glyfada.


    ift rosenheim

    German certifications of the IFT Rosenheim European Institute for AVATON systems.


    Our Suppliers

    • Alumil
    • Elvial

    Recent Projects

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    • Royal Myconian Villas
    • Vouliagmeni Residence
    • Vari Residence