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Security doors - With hidden hinges

Security doors with hidden hinge is an innovative technology in door design that give a significant effect in spacial design with high aesthetic. These doors can be covered with lacquer, greek walnut wood, security glass, stone and with a digital image printing.

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Security & Durability

Guaranteed by our commitment to a high quality final product and the high technical standards of all the parts.


They can be coated with materials such as lacquer, wood, securit glass and digital printing for an exceptional aesthetic result.


To all mechanical parts for 1 year.

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About us

Ecologic.al Frame Technologies company specializes in Aluminium Systems having a 20 year old experience in the construction and retail market. Our goal is to provide innovative systems that contribute to energy saving.

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Latest News


Exclusive Distribution

Historic exclusive distribution agreement of AVATON's pioneering minimal frame systems in Greece.


Patent award

Awarded Patent diploma from the Industrial Property Organization for the Innovation of AVATON Systems


new showroom

New Showroom for the innovative AVATON systems at 51 Vouliagmenis Ave., Glyfada.


ift rosenheim

German certifications of the IFT Rosenheim European Institute for AVATON systems.


Our Suppliers

  • Alumil
  • Elvial

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  • Royal Myconian Villas
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